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Professional electrode welding machinery:

  • excellent stable welding arc and start-up features, for rutile and basic electrodes
  • hot-start setting
  • Arc-Force setting
  • pulse MMA function, great for vertical welding or welding overhead, for welding projects with open or thin-walled sheet material and different sheet thicknesses
  • TIG Lift-Arc start, without damaging the base material or the tungsten electrode
  • light and compact, with handle and adjustable carrier strap
  • easy to operate
  • peak power protection
  • suitable for use with generators
  • suitable for construction work and repairs in workshops or for assembly, indoors and outdoors

Delivered including: welding and earth cable (3 m), hand held welding screen, wire brush, chipping hammer, storage box.

  • Proven technology
  • Great performance
  • Excellent value for money






Eburon is a brand new value-for-money line of welding machines. Eburon MIG-MAG welders are ideal for those who need reliable, robust and solid welding power sources to do the job. Enjoy uncomplicated features and operator friendly controls. That use a proven durable technology. Incorporated into a strong casing on a heavy-duty chassis. Eburon does not have this complicated and sensitive features that come with many of todays welding machines. Instead, this powerful Eburon range of welders function easy and reliable in the most arduous and demanding environments.

> Guarantee

Eburon is a European brand that offers its clients all the security expected from a top brand: a comprehensive guarantee and a technical support service that arranges repairs and replacements in no time.

> Serviced and supported by Lastek

Presenting a new innovative brand from Lastek, the respected household name in the industry since 1958. With branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, together with a carefully selected global network of distributors, Lastek provides a professional and comprehensive support to customer service. Quality control, commissioning, after-sales, maintenance, spare parts, service back-up are to found by a Lastek specialist¬ near you.

About Eburon

Too clever, even for Julius Caesar

The name Eburon harbours a great piece of history. The Eburones were a Germanic tribe whose territory stretched across Belgium, to the Netherlands and Germany. In the first century BC, Roman emperor Julius Caesar conquered them, but they still succeeded in taking out around 6,000 Roman soldiers with a clever ambush.

Clever welding equipment

Eburon welding machines are as clever as the tribe they were named after. We have successfully conducted our research to focus upon achieving the perfect combination of durability and proven technology. That resulted in a brand new, exceedingly reliable line of welding equipment that is great value for money.

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